Gardening is a popular activity for many, and as warmer months roll around it's always exciting to see seedlings sprouting and flowers blooming. But how do you remember what you planted and where you planted it? Plastic garden markers that come with plants and herbs are often small, difficult to read, and very flimsy. Engraving garden markers - like these sturdy wooden spoons - is a great alternative to traditional plant markers.

Whether you go with acrylic, wood, or other hearty material, laser engraving garden markers allows you to add pop and personality to any garden!

Keep reading to access the design files, machine model and laser parameters we used for laser engraving garden markers!

Descărcați grafică

Materiale necesare

We used a Fusion M2 40 120w:

Engrave: Raster // Speed 80% // Power 100% // 600dpi

Pasul 1: Pregătiți ilustrația

Download the graphics above and import it into your graphic software. Make adjustments as necessary.

Design files for laser engraving garden markers

Step 2: Send to the Laser

Send the job to the laser with the correct parameters for your machine wattage.

laser engraving garden markers in machine

Step 3: Add Finishing Touches

Wash off residue and coat with polyurethane once dry.

group of laser engraved garden markers

close up of laser engraved garden markers

Where can you sell laser engraved garden markers?

  • Home/garden stores
  • Specialty gift shops
  • As personalized housewarming gifts

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