These painted laser cut plywood snowflakes are quick and easy pieces to add to your holiday product offerings. Whether you hang them as Christmas tree ornaments, include them in holiday cards, or use them in wintery displays, they are a fun and easy way to get into the spirit of the season. Check out the video or instructions below and you'll be cutting your snowflakes in minutes!

Descărcați grafică

Materiale necesare

  • 1/8" thick plywood (We used a birch plywood; you could use whatever type you like, though you may need to adjust your laser settings.)
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • Sistem Epilog Laser

We used a Fusion Pro 32 80 watt:
Vector cutting - Speed: 12% // Power: 100% // Frequency: 10%

Pasul 1: pregătiți ilustrația

Start by customizing your artwork as necessary.


Step 2: Determine your Parameters

Consult your owner’s manual for recommended engraving/cutting settings for your machine and wattage. Enter your settings within the dashboard, and send the job to the laser.

Placing plywood sheet in laser machine

Step 3: Prepare your Material

Place your plywood on the laser bed, close the lid and run the job.

Laser cutting sheet of plywood

Step 4: Decoration (optional)

After the job is done, spray paint the snowflakes whatever color(s) you'd like, or wipe away any residue and leave them as-is. Decorate however you'd like! These festive little flakes will have you singing "Let it Snow" in no time.

Spray painting laser cut snowflakes
Laser cut snowflake decorations

Where can you sell laser cut snowflake decorations?

  • Retail shops
  • Online
  • Târguri de artizanat

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