Epilog Laser Fiber Laser Systems

Epilog's Fiber Laser series is your solution for etching and marking all types of bare metals and plastics. Whether you're looking to mark metal with barcodes, logos, and serial numbers, or you're personalizing metal items such as watches, jewelry, and medals, an Epilog Fiber Laser system has the features to help you accomplish your goals.

Directly engrave on most metals.
Mark engineered plastics.
Etch barcodes, serial numbers, and images.

Epilog Laser Fiber Laser Lines

Epilog offers three fiber laser lines: the FiberMark series, the Fusion series, and the G2 Galvo series. All three series are available in 30-watt and 50-watt configurations.

Epilog FiberMark Laser Series

Epilog FiberMark Series

The FiberMark 24 is our original Fiber laser system featuring a large 24" x 12" engraving area.

Epilog Fusion Pro Laser Systems Line

Seria Epilog Fusion Pro

Discover the latest in laser technology, featuring the fastest speeds, highest-quality cutting, and our new IRIS™ Camera Positioning system.

Epilog G2 Galvo Laser System

Seria Epilog G2 Galvo

Our newest fiber laser system. Featuring unique dynamic-focus lens technology, it's the first galvo unit with a fixed-position 24" x 24" (609 x 609 mm) engraving area.

Benefits of Fiber Laser Marking

Does not affect the integrity of the part.
Produces a high-contrast, permanent mark.
Requires almost no maintenance.
Can be operated from almost any Windows-based software.
Is exceptionally easy to use by practically anyone in your organization!

Poze cu mostre


Sistemele laser cu fibră Epilog pot inscripționa și marca o mare varietate de materiale plastice și metale. Mai jos este doar un exemplu cu câteva dintre materialele care au fost marcate cu unul dintre sistemele noastre cu laser cu fibră.

  • 17-4 PH oțel inoxidabil
  • 303 inox
  • 4043 oțel
  • 6061 Aluminiu
  • ABS (alb/negru)
  • Aluminiu, 6061
  • Aluminiu, cromat galben
  • Bayer 2807 Makrolon polycarbonate
  • Bayers Bayblend FR110
  • ABS negru/alb
  • Policarbonat negru/alb
  • Alamă
  • Brushed aluminum
  • Carbon nanotube
  • Ceramics, metal-plated
  • Clear coat anodized aluminum
  • Cobalt chrome steel
  • Delrin colorat (negru/maro)
  • Compacted powder iron with phosphate coating
  • Cupru
  • DAP - Diallyl Phthalate
  • Delrin, colored (black/brown)
  • GE Plastics polycarbonate resin 121-R
  • PEEK umplut cu sticlă
  • Glass filled Teflon
  • Aluminiu anodizat lăcuit
  • Inconel metals (various)
  • Oțel pentru mașini-unelte
  • Magneziu
  • Ceramică placată cu metal
  • Molibden
  • Nickel plated 1215 mild steel
  • Nickel plated brass
  • Nickel plated gold
  • Kovar placat cu nichel
  • Nickel plated steel
  • Nailon
  • PEEK, white
  • Polybutylene Terephthalate
  • Policarbonat (negru/alb)
  • Polycarbonate resin 121-R, GE Plastics
  • Policarbonat, Bayer 2807 Makrolon
  • Polysulphone
  • Rynite PET
  • Santoprene
  • Carbură de siliciu
  • Oțel siliconic
  • Plăcuțe cu siliciu
  • Oțel inoxidabil 303
  • Oțel inoxidabil 17-4 PH
  • Oțel 4043
  • Steel, machine tool
  • Various inconel metals (nickel-chromium super alloys)
  • White PEEK
  • Yellow chromate aluminum
  • Oțel moale zincat
  • Și multe altele!

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